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Pursue a 9-1-1 Career!

We are looking for compassionate individuals who want to make a direct impact on a thriving community.

We Make a Difference

911 Emergency Communications Specialists are the link between every crisis and every first response.

A career working in Frederick County's 9-1-1 Center is demanding and fulfilling work that involves critical thinking and decision making skills.

You may know us as 9-1-1 operators, but this career is so much more than answering phones!

If you would like to experience first-hand the excitement of dispatching law enforcement and fire/rescue personnel to emergencies and the fulfillment of helping people, all while working in an energetic environment where each and every call is different, then this is the career for you. 

Currently Advertised Positions

To view fully detailed Emergency Communications job postings, please visit the Employment Opportunities website.  To be considered in a Frederick County Government selection process, your first step is submitting an application. 

What We Do

As an Emergency Communications Specialist, your role is to quickly prioritize and accurately process information to ensure public safety. An Emergency Communications Specialist has two primary roles:


Receive and process all emergency and non-emergency calls for service from the public. They are trained to accurately instruct the caller as to what they should do in any given situation. They must quickly and accurately obtain all the required information so an appropriate level of response can be provided as effectively as possible.

Attention To Detail

A Call Taker is responsible for obtaining all relevant information as soon as possible from the caller, such as:What is happening, When did it occur, Where is it happening, Who is involved, Are there weapons, What is the subject’s or cars description, etc.?

Remain Calm

Above all, a Call Taker is the voice of calm help and reassurance to the person on the other end of the phone. They are the first person we call in an emergency.


Function as coordinators, directing the right resources to the right place at the right time all while adapting to an ever-changing situation. Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS depend on Dispatchers to ensure they have all the relevant, accurate and timely information to keep themselves and the public safe.

Relay Details to Next Service Provider

Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS depend on Dispatchers to ensure they have all the relevant, accurate and timely information to keep themselves and the public safe.

Maintain Teamwork

Call-taking and dispatching are done in a unique, highly structured, and collaborative work environment. Staff work collectively to gather pertinent life-saving information and relay that information to public safety services. Without one piece of this puzzle, citizen lives are at risk.

6 Reasons to Become a 911 Emergency Communications Specialist

Build a Career

The Emergency Communications Specialist position is entry-level, no experience is required! You have the opportunity to be paid while attending an academy to begin building your career. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain knowledge of the industry, develop leadership skills, and advance to management.

Make a Difference

This first line public safety agency plays a critical part in keeping the Frederick County community safe. You are the person members of the community turn to when help is needed. The daily work you perform directly impacts every population in Frederick County, making our community a great place to work, live and visit.

Be Part of a Team

At Frederick County Emergency Communications, you will work with a group of amazing people, and be part of a caring culture. Every shift works with people who want to succeed and make a positive impact on a community.

Be Challenged Daily

Every day, every shift, and every call is different. Each caller and their service needs will vary from the next, although the importance of their call remains the same.

Maintain Your Work/Life Balance

Staff have the opportunity to enjoy a rotating schedule. This flexible schedule allows days off during the week to enjoy personal activities, or spend more time with family and friends.

Receive a Competitive Salary & Benefits

Frederick County Government offers a competitive salary, with a comprehensive benefits package to include a high quality medical and dental coverage, a generous leave package and a defined retirement plan. .